Cartoon cells from Chuck Jones, Warner Bros., The Simpsons and more! Original and limited edition cartoon cells and cartoon art.
People throughout the world collect cartoon cells for their beauty, their humor, their history, and for the memories and emotions they evoke.

Cartoon cells come in many different forms, and there are many differences between the significance and the value of various pieces.

Some collectors of cartoon cells prefer original production cells. These one-of-a-kind pieces are the building blocks of traditional animation, and can be extremely rare and valuable, depending on a variety of factors including age, origin, artist, and condition.

Limited edition cartoon cells are another excellent option. Hand-painted limited edition cartoon cells are created using the same techniques and materials as used in making the originals, and they are limited to very small edition sizes. Serigraph cartoon cells, or sericells, are created using a high-quality silk screening process to create a beautiful piece of artwork.
Animation Cells featuring The SimpsonsLimited Edition  Cells and Original Production CellsAnimation Cells of Chuck Jones' ArtLimited Edition  Cells and Original Production CellsAnimation Cells from Warner Bros Studio
Owning limited edition cartoon cells is a great way to revisit the classic cartoons and remember the characters that made us love cartoons in the first place!

Animation Connection specializes in original and limited edition cartoon cells, and offers a wide selection from many different studios.

Bugs Bunny Animation ArtMickey Mouse Art - Cells & EtchingsWinnie the Pooh Animation Cells & Etchings

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Limited Edition Serigraph CellsLimited Edition  Cells and Original Production CellsHanna Barbera Cells


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